Sunday, 22 October 2017


About a year ago, I got my first taste of Sephora. I had never been in one...can you believe? And to top it off, the first Sephora I ever entered was Sephora Times Square, NYC!

This whole obsession seems kinda stupid when you think about it (there are better things out there in life to focus on), but for somebody who had only over had access to some of these brands online, I was hooked and overwhelmed at what was in there.

This first visit to Sephora ignited my love for Kat Von D's brand when I found my now holy grail long-lasting liquid liner. The Tattoo Liner is purely insane - I used it once and returned to Sephora the following day to repurchase a back-up. Now I have two or three in my stash as back-up ALWAYS. I really believe there is a lot of creative heart behind this brand and that Kat Von D really embraces good morals and ethics. This is still important, even for a beauty brand.

SIDE NOTE (& partial reason behind this post): Since before the beginnings of this blog I have always been an advocate for brand Illamasqua. I would scream their name from the rooftop if I could. But recently I have had a hard time believing in this brand. I don't want to get all political on this beauty blog - it's not my intention. Illamasqua has never been one to shy away from adversity and that is the reason why I loved them. They never excluded anybody and totally lead the charge with encouraging creative energies and individualism. They have recently got tongues wagging about a certain president, in a good way, but to me it looks like they have set out to do the exact same thing they are fighting against. Exclusion. We all have different opinions in this world and there should be a level of respect - even if we think certain things are wrong! Am I right?

I'm now an avid user of the Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation, the Shade & Light Palette, the Tattoo Liner & (luckily) the Alchemist Palette. I am also absolutely excited for Kat's next collaboration with Billie Joe Armstrong of Greenday. 16 year old me is screaming!

Photo from Instagram @billiejoearmstrong

Sooooo, do you think it's important for beauty brands to have a voice when it comes to worldwide political issues? Is it necessary to project their beliefs to consumers? And is it wrong for them to turn away consumers who do not follow their belief system?

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