Sunday, 3 January 2016


Plump skin on your face is seriously one of the best feelings ever. Everything just works better when it's plump and smooth. Foundation smoothes on like a dream and powders seem to stay put. Ain't no time for a crusty base here!

Something that I continuously keep repurchasing to achieve this feeling is the Illamasqua Hydra Veil (£32). Since it's launch 2 years ago I have been an avid fan and have converted many of my friends and family onto it as an alternative primer/moisturiser. It just feels so cool and comfortable on the skin and underneath daily makeup.

Hydra Veil is a jelly formulation that wobbles when you open it (teehee) and the idea is that you scoop a little out with the spoon provided and massage onto the face in place of a moisturiser or primer. It contains algae and Vitamin C for ultimate skin hydration and brightness. When I apply the jelly, it almost melts away instantly and feels ever so slightly (I stress SLIGHTLY) tacky on the skin. This gives me confidence that whatever I put over the top is going to grip - a perfect trait for a primer to have in my opinion!

I totally avoid moisturiser when I apply Hydra Veil as it acts as a 2-in-1 product - a great time-saver in the morning before work. One pot of this has lasted me about 3 months if used most mornings, which is GREAT.

...also, if you mix the jelly all up (like the child that I am) and leave overnight it sets back to normal by the next morning. PURE MAGIC!

Have you tried Hydra Veil? What are your favourite primers/hydrating/moisturising products?

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  1. As a definite convert, I can't believe I ever used anything else. Makes the biggest difference!

  2. I've never tried this but the consistency you've described reminds me of a Body Shop moisturiser that I've always used at night but could just be the PERFECT priming product. So thanks for the inadvertent tip, haha!

    Claire | xx

  3. I really want to try this! xx