Monday, 27 July 2015


If it wasn't for my good friend Lucy, this blog would not exist. And if it wasn't for Lucy, I would never have looked at this page again.

And so comes the appreciation post...

(Oh, this is Lucy by the way ^^)

From the very beginning, Lucy helped me out with building this blog, sharing on twitter and giving me the confidence to share my thoughts on the internet. Lucy has sat and been my guinea pig for many makeup looks, letting me smear new skincare products all over her and has never complained. She has been the driving force of all of my late nights pouring over Blogger, because at the end of it all I knew that SHE would read it and SHE would appreciate what I had to say. My #1 fan from the start, not only would she take the time to acknowledge what I was doing, Lucy would actively share my work with her friends and colleagues and seemed to be genuinely proud of me. This made me feel so special and confident.

Not only has she helped me feel more confident with my writing, Lucy has also helped me feel more confident with EVERYTHING. Work, friends, boys, name it. She always has something encouraging to say in a way that made me feel at ease. Whilst I was here in London and she was at home in Australia, I would constantly message her for advice. She always urged me to go for that job I was thinking about applying for. She helped me to understand that I DID have skills and that I could do it all. In recent months she has been there through the hard times and has cried with me, and for that I can never thank her enough.

This is a special friend that I am very lucky to have. That I love with all my heart. And because of this beautiful soul, I am back to writing. Because SHE will read it. 


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