Monday, 15 April 2013

Late March Favourites!

Sorry blogosphere! I once again uploaded my March Favourites video, but forgot to mention it on here! And just a heads up, I sound super AUSTRALIAN in this video. So sorry for that.
Here it is!

Also, just a quick life update. I'm currently packing up my house because I'm moving back to London in 15 days! It's all happening so quickly, but I'm super excited. This means that my April favourites video will be filmed in the UK, WOW!

What were your favourite products during March? Thanks for watching/reading! x


  1. Cannot believe you're packaging up and leaving and we havent even caught up since forever! I'll be at your drinks so it'll be lovely to catch up!! xx

  2. I love those polishes!

    I've given you a versatile blogger award, check out the post here! x