Friday, 15 February 2013

Valentine's Day Swap

Recently I took part in a product swap for Valentine's Day, hosted by the lovely Jasmine. So this means that I gott paired up with someone from another country and then we sent each other products so we can try something more 'international' and receive a heartfelt prezzie on V Day too. I got paired up with Natalie who writes The Science Of Happy in the UK and boy did I get spoilt!

I got some cute accessories and I'm totally in love with the bow earrings! Natalie certainly got that right as I am obsessed with bows anyway. She even included a sweet card for V Day :)

She included a HEAP of makeup from the brand Colourworks London. So far I have used the 'brights' eyeshadow palette and both of the lip glosses and they are really nice. I'm excited to create some looks with the bright blues and turquoise colours. I also got a black liquid liner from the brand 17, which I have kept in my makeup bag all week for touch ups because it is small and compact.

And Natalie also snuck some samples into the package as well! I didn't find these all at first because they were in a different pocket of the black cosmetic bag they were sent in (pictured above). So they were a nice surprise! I've wanted to try the Garnier BB Cream for a while now, so this is perfect.

Big thanks to Natalie for making me smile this week and also thanks to Jasmine for hosting this swap. It was so much fun and I'm really happy I got involved. Please check out their blogs below.

I hope you enjoyed your Valentine's Day wherever you are and thanks for reading my blog. I send my love and kisses to you all.


Have you participated in a swap before? What products would you like to try from other countries?


  1. Wow you got some great stuff! I'm happy it turned out well :)
    Glad you enjoyed it! xx

  2. How gorgeous is that! I'll have to remember to join in next time ^_^

  3. This is such an awsome idea! I've never done a swap before but I think I'd want different brands of eyeshadow and nail polish that you cannot get here in Aus! x