Saturday, 2 February 2013

Disappointing Products of 2012

When I began to go through my makeup stash in preparation for my 2012 Favourites video, I found some hidden treasures right at the bottom of my makeup case. When I say 'treasures', I'm being very nice. These makeup products are at the bottom of my makeup case for a reason. So I give you...

(triumphant drumroll) most disappointing products of 2012!

I feel really bad to name and shame these products, but sometimes I just need to vent.
And hopefully I can help someone else to not waste money on unnecessary things.

Benefit Browzings - Medium

This was very sad for me as I had heard and read rave, rave, RAVE reviews about this brow shaping kit. I suppose if the colour worked for you and you enjoyed the waxy feeling on your face you would love it...ERR? So basically the palette contains a coloured wax (pictured left), which you apply first to the brow using the Hard Angled Brush. And then using the Blending Brush, you take the coloured powder (pictured right, colour looks much lighter in the photograph!) and apply on top of the wax. I really don't like the feeling of the wax on my face, it feels like it's going to slip right off. The powder also throws off a lot of red in my brows, which looks really REALLY weird compared to my hair colour. PLUS, the price tag for this one came in at AUS$55! It hurts to think about!

Inglot False Lash Effect Mascara

I bought this mascara out of sheer desperation because I needed a new dramatic mascara and there was no sales assistant at the Benefit counter so I could grab my Bad Gal Lash. Full respect to the Inglot Sales Assistant though, she asked me if I touch my eyes a lot because sometimes this mascara tends to crack off. I said no, but the truth is I'm forever touching my face! Needless to say, this mascara made an enormous mess of my face and I've only used it twice as a result.

Benefit Ooh La Lift

I'm sorry for my Benefit bashing on this post, usually I love their stuff! But this is a product I bought on a whim because it was on sale on a website. It is described as an "instant under-eye brightening boost", so I assumed it would be like an eye cream. It turned out to be more like a cream highlighter, except it's not very highlighting. Confused? So was I. Perusing the Benefit counter one day, I asked the sales assistant to show me how to use it. She swiped it under my lovely friend Lucy's eyes and blended it in with her finger. No brightening, just a pale patch to be honest. Weird product! 

Two Faced Mirror Mirror Gloss

Lastly, I purchased these two lip glosses based on a recommendation from a beauty YouTuber. I don't mean to sound brutal, but I freaking hate these so much! They are sticky, taste funny, smell funny and have absolutely no colour payoff whatsoever. Sad, sad Kristen. Luckily I didn't pay much money for these, so no major loss!

Even as I type, I feel ridiculously guilty about writing this. But by becoming a beauty blogger, I promised you guys that read this that I would be straight up honest. So high five to honesty everyone!

Thanks for reading 

Let me know in the comments section, what products have disappointed you recently?


  1. Thank you for your reviews, I'll be sure not to splurge on these products.

    I nominated you for the Liebster Award, check it out

  2. It is a bit disappointing when we invest on something that is said to be "amazing" yet ends up being a waste of money :[

    My worst purchase was Nude by Nature's Liquid Foundation. Its very chalky and if you don't get your color right, its hard to blend evenly on your face =___=

    1. i know it really sucks! hopefully it doesn't happen too often to us in the future xx

  3. Finally an honest post about bad products! Good for you on your honesty, if a product is not worth the hype, you should be able to vent about it!! I haven't tried these products (and deffo won't be in the future LOL) but have tried the Benefit brow one... hated it! Couldn't get the look I wanted, wasn't easy to use, couldn't really even get the stuff on the brush! Ah terrible! Love this post! :D

    1. Thanks Nic! its so sooooo sad when this happens! Glad you feel the same about the brow kit, sucks that it was so expensive! xx