Monday, 27 August 2012

Fight for Fair Beauty

One of the major issues I have about living in Australia is the fact that everything is so expensive here. Unfortunately, I never realised just how expensive until I travelled overseas and actually saw it with my own eyes! Makeup is terribly pricey here and it's really sad! We don't have access to many brands because we are so far away and for the brands that are lucky enough to enter our shores, the fate of their pricing can go from reasonable to extravagant with the click of a finger.

Let's face it, this is really not fair! Why should we Australians pay more for cosmetics? It's frustrating to read beauty blogs based in the UK and America because when they say something is a little bit pricey, you know it's going to be ridiculously unaffordable in Australia before you even have time to type it into Google.

Thankfully, someone has decided to stand up for us poor Aussies! Illamasqua, who is an independent UK based brand, has recognised the issue and is running a campaign to "fight for a fair beauty price". To get involved click here and sign the petition. By signing, you are voicing your frustration over inflated cosmetic prices in Australia, and making a pledge that if the 'head-boss-guys' at Illamasqua slash their prices, you will buy buy buy!

To celebrate my delight at Illamasqua's decision to run this campaign, I had a little bit of a play with a new look on the weekend with some of their products. They have beautiful products and loads of outrageous colours. Have a lookie!

Thanks for reading and please sign the pledge!



  1. The gold eyeshadow look looks good on you. :)
    can i sign even if i am not from australia?!

    anyways.. new blogger here from bbu hop.
    i hope you can check mine out and follow as well.

    ps. i am also havin a giveaway on going! ♥

  2. oh thankyou very much Michelle! since i blogged the petition has actually finished and WE WON! Illamasqua is sold in Australia at UK prices now :)

    Thanks for the follow, will follow you right back :)

  3. Didnt realise it was more expensive over there!!! Good on Illamasque for highlghting the issue!!

    New follower by the way xx

    1. Thanks for reading and following my dear! I will follow you right back xx

    2. I've nominated you for a Liebster Award :) follow the link below to my latest post..

    3. thanks so much natasha! that's lovely x