Monday, 27 August 2012

Fight for Fair Beauty

One of the major issues I have about living in Australia is the fact that everything is so expensive here. Unfortunately, I never realised just how expensive until I travelled overseas and actually saw it with my own eyes! Makeup is terribly pricey here and it's really sad! We don't have access to many brands because we are so far away and for the brands that are lucky enough to enter our shores, the fate of their pricing can go from reasonable to extravagant with the click of a finger.

Let's face it, this is really not fair! Why should we Australians pay more for cosmetics? It's frustrating to read beauty blogs based in the UK and America because when they say something is a little bit pricey, you know it's going to be ridiculously unaffordable in Australia before you even have time to type it into Google.

Thankfully, someone has decided to stand up for us poor Aussies! Illamasqua, who is an independent UK based brand, has recognised the issue and is running a campaign to "fight for a fair beauty price". To get involved click here and sign the petition. By signing, you are voicing your frustration over inflated cosmetic prices in Australia, and making a pledge that if the 'head-boss-guys' at Illamasqua slash their prices, you will buy buy buy!

To celebrate my delight at Illamasqua's decision to run this campaign, I had a little bit of a play with a new look on the weekend with some of their products. They have beautiful products and loads of outrageous colours. Have a lookie!

Thanks for reading and please sign the pledge!


Friday, 24 August 2012

Lip Product Lust

On account of it being winter in Australia, my skin has been changing and freaking out like Miley Cyrus at the hairdresser. My lips, in particular, have been suffering the wrath of the cold weather and have decided to reward me with uncomfortable 'razor blade' lips instead. Luckily, I have enough lip products to solve my dilemma and have even purchased some more to soothe my irritated lips (and my soul). There have been three lip colours in particular that I have been wearing here, there and everywhere!

I've recently purchased two lovely lipcolours, which are quickly becoming favs. These are from Yves Saint Laurent and are Rouge Volupte lipsticks with SPF 15. They have insane colour payoff, but also feel smooth and moisturising. You barely have to touch them to your lips to get an intense colour!

The first is an amazing orange colour, which is becoming quite a trend with me. Orange everywhere!

YSL - Rouge Volupte (Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick SPF 15) #15 Extreme Coral

The second one is a bright BRIGHT pink colour, which I will also be rocking out in Summer FOR SURE!

YSL - Rouge Volupte (Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick SPF 15) #11 Rose Culte

The third one I have had for AGES but have recently rediscovered it rolling around in my makeup collection. It is from the MAC Viva Glam range and is inspired by none other than Lady Gaga! Here I am pulling my best 'mother monster' pose.

MAC - Viva Glam Gaga

I would love to know what colours and products you have provided your pouty pair with recently, because sharing is caring and my soul may need soothing again very soon with a sneaky purchase or two!

What to choose? hmmmmm...

Monday, 13 August 2012

YouTube Channel Launch

One bright Friday afternoon, I mustered up some courage and decided to make my bedroom look like this.

It was time to film my first makeup tutorial for my new YouTube channel. So while I may have been M.I.A from this blog, I can assure you I have been working hard filming, editing and just generally swearing at technology in an attempt to get this experiment of mine underway. 

So hear it goes. My first tutorial. Please watch and subscribe. I understand that the quality (and my jokes) are not that great, but I promise everything will get better in time :)

ALSO! Here is just an awkward introductory video which I was playing around with in iMovie

Thanks for watching x