Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Cheap Curiosity

I know I'm only new to the blogosphere, but I have been reading beauty blogs for a very VERY long time. Something that seems to always captivate the beauty world is the idea of drug-store makeup brands stepping up and providing quality makeup products that are just as good as the high-end brands. I have to confess, I have become somewhat of a foundation snob, but this is only because of my own self inflicted obsession with constant trial and error. Usually my trials on drug-store foundations, have ended in error. Buh boww!

But recently, I have noticed that two drug-store foundations have set the internet into a spin. Curiosity finally killed the cat, as they say, so I purchased them and am somewhat surprised at the results.


Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation

I had only heard great reviews about this and was keen to see if it lived up to the hype. The bottle is pretty cool looking and it's glass, so it feels more expensive in my hand. I hope that doesn't sound silly! The consistency is quite lightweight, but surprisingly it gives medium coverage which is very easy to build. It has illuminating particles through it, but these just add to giving your skin a healthy glow. I was concerned that these would make me sparkly "Edward Cullen" style, but they are barely noticeable. I bought the shade True Ivory and used about two pumps on my face with a flat foundation brush. Two pumps sounds like a lot of product, but for the low price of $19.95 I couldn't care less!


Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

I had seen mixed reviews about this foundation, but when I smelt the product I was in love. It has a very fruity smell that is so SO good! On the bottle it says that is has apricot, melon, apple and ginger in it. So it makes sense that is smells lov-er-ly! This foundation is a little bit thicker in consistency than the Rimmel one, but surprisingly it only gives a fairly light coverage. It's really beautiful for everyday wear and is quite long lasting. It doesn't feel heavy on the skin, even though it's thick either. I used about a pump and a half with a flat foundation brush to start with, but I prefer to use this with my fingers just because it helps to melt the product a little better onto the face. I bought the shade Light Beige. THE SMELL! It was a little pricier than Rimmel, at $25.60, but still bang for your buck!

If I had to choose, I would say I've been enjoying the Rimmel foundation the most. But these are both definitely worth the buzz they have created.

Lesson learnt! Don't be a foundation snob!


  1. love the review! keep up your amazing work kris. would love you to do my make up ;)

  2. Loving both of these at the moment but after trying the Rimmel London Wake Me Up, I'd have to say that's my favourite too :) Plus it's cheaper than the Bourjois!

    1. yes it definitely got extra points for being the cheapest :)

  3. So good to know! I have trouble finding a good cheaper everyday wear foundation that has the coverage I need. And awesome to see the price comparisons too!!

  4. Hey Kris,

    Lovin' the blog and also your youtube vids!
    I'm on the look out for a new black liquid eye liner and wanted your option on which ones are good. Do I go gel or stick with the usual liquid??

    Thanks, and keep it up!

    1. Thanks jess xx

      If you want to stick with a liquid liner, the inglot one is pretty amazing. i use this if im in a rush haha.

      but for a precise application, a gel is the bomb! one of the best ones i've tried is the maybelline one. I KNOW! it also comes with a little brush which is really easy to control. the bobbi brown and inglot ones are also good too, but as gel liner tends to dry up fairly quickly, best to go with the cheaper options :)