Tuesday, 26 June 2012

And we're off and racing...

Hello inter webs! My name is Kristen and I love to learn. I mostly love to learn about all things makeup and cosmetics. I have been working around cosmetics for about five years now, but I am no professional. I pick up new tips and tricks everyday! I wanted to create THIS space (right here) to learn some more, and hopefully share some things with you guys. So feel free to teach me things and comment!!

RANDOM FACT. Did you know that some eyeshadow and blush colours are made using crushed up beetles and bugs?? I learnt this the other day and it absolutely freaked my freak! Not really sure how I feel about that to be honest.

To get me off and racing, I thought I'd share some recent purchases of mine that have also been freaking my freak...

First off...


This is my favourite mascara at the moment and it has been a real headache trying to find one that doesn't crack onto my cheeks. The brush on this is super cool because it's almost like a tiny ball at the end. You can really get into those fine lashes. It lengthens and makes my lashes the blackest black..
It was a fairly pricey mascara, coming in at $38, but it is worth the price tag in this case. Very impressive!


A few weeks ago, I visited an Illamasqua counter and thanks to the lovely sales assistant there, I now have a crush on cream blushes. I don't really like to powder my skin that much, and this leaves an amazing dewy finish on my cheekbones that I really love. The colours I have are Promise (left) which is a candy pink and Libido (right) a beautiful bright orange. These are easy to apply with the swipe of a finger and can be used as a lip tint too. These come in a $42, but have really opened my world to cream blush..
Well I guess I'll leave it there for today. Sorry for the dodgy photography skills here, I hope to get better one day. I should be receiving a lovely package from StrawberryNet very shortly, so I will be back to update on that. Happy reading blogosphere x

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